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What Can You Do In The Event?

Here are the top tips to get the most from this event.
As you might already know, events are a great source of networking, sharing knowledge, knowing about new technology, business expansion, and hearing from industry leaders.

If You are a Vaper:

Taste and feel the amazing new experience of OKINO C100. You will enjoy other amenities like drinks, snacks, water, photo shoot facilities and other facilities in the venue.

If You are a Vape enthusiast:

Network with other enthusiasts and have a great opportunity to create content for your fans and audiences as an early adopter. You can live stream the event and give access to your viewers to feel the thrill.

If You are a Distributor:

The event will be covered by one of the top management of OKINO, and he will share how being a distributor of OKINO C100 benefits your business.

If You Are a Reseller:

Know the product before it s available in the market, know the ins and outs of the product, the potentials, and opportunities to grow your business as a C100 reseller.

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